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E-Gov DataLink

Give Users Access To Structured Data


Websites are great for unstructured information like words and pictures.
But what if users need information from a structured list?


E-Gov DataLink is the solution


Create custom lists and data that
users can easily search or browse
to find the information they want.


E-Gov Data Link Results Image


You can even have maps showing locations or directions to a location.

E-Gov Link Data Link Results Map Image


Each entry can have its own web page with more details that you define.

E-Gov Link DataLink Details Image


E-Gov DataLink Features Available

  • Available Property Listings—Allows public users to view a list of available properties with characteristics (size, zoning, etc.) that you define. Integrated Google map allows users to see where the properties are located. Different types of properties can be flagged with different color map points. Each property can have documents, plans, pictures, etc., attached to it. If available from Google, they can also see the street view—it’s like being there without the travel.
  • Realtor Updates for Available Property Listings—Lets authorized relators update their own listings and add new listings.
  • Local Business Listings—Promote local businesses by providing a searchable list online. Google map integration and other features similar to above. Separate details page for each business.
  • Manager Updates for Business Listings—Lets authorized business managers update their own business listings and add new business listings.
  • Mapable Databases—Set up other lists and data (points of interest, accident locations, etc.) each with its own set of characteristics and maps (if applicable). Each list counts as a separate feature for pricing.