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E-Gov Link Website Redesign Process

Our process is pretty straight forward. We start with your current website.  What do you like?  What do you dislike?  Are there features on other sites that you would like to have?


You review some of our designs and select the design that best fits with the image that you are trying to portray.  This provides a proven framework that we can build upon.  We discuss what options you have within that framework (such as styles, colors, branding images, and image rotation), and you provide your selections for each option.  Or at an additional cost, we can create an entirely new design which gives you more degrees of freedom in creating a custom look.


Then we mock up some designs for you.  We do this in a very low-cost method:  rather than building web pages for you to look at (the old, expensive way), we utilize Photoshop to present a visual representation, and vary the design accordingly.  This approach provides a "custom” look, at a “packaged” price.  This mock up, and revision process, sometimes takes a few rounds, back-and-forth, to achieve exactly a look that meets your needs. 


Next we build a couple of pages - your home page and a representative sub-page.  The sub-page is actually a Template that you will be able to use to create as many pages as you want!   


When these templates are created, we show you how to create new pages. We conduct hands-on training, so that your staff can create new pages, edit existing pages, change the navigation, and maintain the site.  


Your staff learns the content management application by transferring content from your current site (or adding new content), and pasting it into pages they create, using the template. They then add their new pages into the navigation of the new website. 


When you are ready with the new website, we take it live. Because your staff has added the content and navigation, they can easily maintain it.  


The content manager has an online operations guide. You can contact our help desk if you need additional help. 


We provide the ongoing hosting of the site