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with easy web applications from E-Gov Link
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The CommunityLink Portal gives the public the most up-to-date information all in one location. Set it up as a separate e-gov page or incorporate the features into your existing web pages.

  • News—Breaking news can quickly be added and earlier items are available for reference. Shows date item was posted.
  • Upcoming Events—Displays the next upcoming items from the calendar (you can select items to display). Automatically updated as the E-Gov calendar is updated.
  • City Views—City officials can easily post articles and get feedback from citizens on them. Feedback is not visible to other members of the public, but is for internal use only.
  • New Documents—Shows the most recent additions to the documents section.
  • New FAQ’s--Shows the most recently added FAQ’s.
  • Rumor Mill—Get special attention to city positions on controversial issues by posting the questions (and your answers) in a special place.