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E-Gov MobileLink Gives You A High-Quality Mobile Website


More and more people now use smart phones and other mobile devices to access websites.

Take a look at your website with a smart phone.
Can you easily find the information you want?


E-Gov MobileLink can help.


With E-Gov MobileLink, you’ll get a new mobile website with information people want to see on their smart phones.
When users open your website with their smart phones, it can automatically open the mobile version. No app to download.


E-Gov MobileLink website includes all of the following:
• Upcoming Events (and full events calendar)*
• News (and searchable news archive)*
• Frequently Asked Questions *
• City Views (to publish articles by officials on important issues)*
• Documents*
• Citizen Requests (mobile version)*

• Page Creator (so you can add mobile only pages)
• Contact Page (with link to call you and map to get to you**)
• Link to regular website for less frequently accessed information


See example with your smart phone or Google Chrome browser at
* You can incorporate these features into your regular website as well with E-Gov Basics.
** Link and map depend on specific smart phone features.




Image of E-GovLink Mobile Site