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Content Management Tool

  • No need to call the web experts to update web pages
  • Quick and easy to use—simply click and type changes
  • No special web skills required


Edit and Update Content

E-Gov Link provides a content management tool that enables Customer’s authorized editors to add and update content on the website, using templates E-Gov Link creates as part of the website design process. 


Page Templates

Templates allow standard features (headers, footers, formats, layout) to automatically be used for new pages. This makes it easy for editors to create new pages and assures a consistent look and feel throughout the site.


Easy to use Interface

Content is created or changed by using a WYSIWYG editor similar to Microsoft Word, so learning is a breeze. Advanced editors can also use edit HTML.

Because it’s web-based, there are no programs to load on users PC’s, and editors can make updates from any PC. This feature can be used to post emergency information on your website when weather or other conditions make it impossible to get to City Hall. 


Customize Security Settings

Security allows each editor to be limited to certain pages or editable areas on a page and to be limited as to specific capabilities. For example, they can be restricted to only standard type styles.


Review changes before publicly viewable.

You can also separate the ability to edit and publish content, so that all content can be reviewed before it appears on the website. Once published, changes are immediately reflected on website. This allows you to maintain control of your site while distributing the workload.


Easy Navigation

It’s easy to update site navigation to add or move pages. Hierarchical menus (typical of more advanced websites) make it easy for website users to quickly access the desired page.


Website Search

A powerful site search feature is included to allow the public to easily find what they are looking for on the website.


Content History

You can easily view or roll-back to any previous version of any content area.


Web pages are search engine friendly.


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