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Stake Your Claim!

By |2019-08-29T16:19:07+00:00October 1st, 2018|Blog|

Act NOW to secure an invocation name for voice integration with your citizens.  Remember in the 90's the importance of a good domain name on the web? Data indicates consumer and citizen preference are switching to voice integration. Don't miss your chance to claim your invocation and skill name, before someone else does. Most of us have already adapted to the simple daily actions of asking Siri for directions or asking Alexa or Google Assistant to play a favorite tune. However, have you considered how quickly this technology is becoming ingrained into other products, services, and industries worldwide. The facts are Voice Assistant Technology is here, it is big and it’s not going away! More and more consumers, especially millennials, are relying on voice integration as a daily means of information and services.

Work Smarter with E-Gov Link Asset Management

By |2019-07-19T06:48:26+00:00May 11th, 2018|Blog|

An abundant amount of responsibility falls upon our local governments to keep our communities in good shape. We know it’s our local governments working behind the scenes to maintain parks, shelters, ball fields, local events and so much more. Maintaining community assets, such as beautiful parks, takes manpower and expensive tools to get the job done. And with all the vast services governments offer and the variety of departments and staff pitching in to keep things running, it can quickly become a complication to keep track of and manage. E-Gov Link helps local governments get the most out of today's technology by simplifying Asset Management. 

Brag About Your Parks & Rec Services!

By |2019-07-19T06:52:09+00:00April 18th, 2018|Blog|

Now Is A Great Time To Highlight Your Parks & Rec Services! There’s nothing like the seasons first walk in the park! Most of us look forward to it! Behind the scenes, much time and energy is spent keeping community parks and public services up to par. Now is a great time to promote that hard work, connect with your community and build trust and a sense of pride! Here are some ways you can highlight your Parks & Rec Services:

EMS Sign Post – A Calm Voice In A Time Of Crisis

By |2019-07-19T07:00:37+00:00March 14th, 2018|Blog|

Community health is a critical municipal service! Emergency preparedness increases efficiency and effectiveness in times of need. EMS Sign Post provides first responders access to critical patient information when it’s needed most. At the time of an emergency, first responders can scan a QR code or Near Field Chip device, and quickly access critical information needed to help the initial assessment and diagnosis of the patient. See how it works.....

Give Your Website A Voice – A Life-Like Voice!

By |2019-07-19T07:06:52+00:00February 14th, 2018|Blog|

WordPress now offers a plug-in that integrates with Amazon Polly to give your website a real human sounding voice! So, what is Amazon Polly you ask? Amazon Polly is a cloud service that converts text into lifelike speech. There are over 47 voices available, both male and female, and 30 languages. Learn more and listen to a demonstration.....

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