Websites for Local Government: Best Practices to Serve your Citizens

Municipal websites, at the very least, need to be inviting and easy to navigate. The best websites for local government, however, are those that truly engage their citizens and provide a variety of ways for citizens to become involved, informed and an integral part of your municipality’s offerings. Let’s discuss a few best practices to serve your citizens. Choose a Best in Class CMS Your Content Management system (CMS) needs to be powerful, agile, and built to allow strong functionality and customization. E-Gov CMS™ expertly integrates market leading technology with customized municipal solutions to deliver world-class websites offering high functionality, ease of use, and long-term viability. Strategically choosing to power our content management system (CMS) with WordPress leverages a multitude of benefits for our customers including long-term efficiencies, access to over 55,000 customized software tools and cutting-edge technology as it hits the market. Utilize 311 Citizen Request Management Software [...]

How to Get a Fabulous Municipal Website Design on a Tight Budget

We all feel a little stretched these days trying to achieve all of our business goals within budget. The good news is, technology has come a long way and so have our key learnings on what is most important in defining value. E-Gov Link’s customers gain value through our strategic decision to build our solutions around a WordPress framework, which is undoubtedly the market’s leading technology in web design. One of the many benefits of WordPress and what makes it an ideal choice, is that it’s open source. E-Gov Link leverages the benefits and maximizes the potential of the WordPress technology while integrating custom municipal solutions within this core to build E-Gov CMS™. Open Source Software: Get more and pay less! Open Source software development, or collaborative development between multiple independent contributors provides incredible value. It has expanded from a generic alternative to an efficient platform for enterprise functionality [...]

Don’t Waste Time! 5 Facts on how to find the Best Government CMS

Your time is at a premium, so let’s review 5 simple ways to identify the best Government Content Management System for your Website. Consider the importance of the technology supporting your online solutions. After all, the Content Management System and solutions you build will rely on strength of the structure, or the framework they utilize for success. Just as a car relies on its engine to run, your website will rely on the durability and stability of its technology to deliver strong results in a number of categories; ease of use, functionality, longevity, visual appeal, customization and security. E-Gov Link’s customers gain a huge competitive advantage through our strategic decision to build our solutions around a WordPress framework, which is undoubtedly the market’s leading technology in web design. Here are 5 Facts to assist you in Finding the Best Government CMS: Find a CMS that has proven its strength [...]

Stake Your Claim!

Act NOW to secure an invocation name for voice integration with your citizens. Remember in the 90's the importance of a good domain name on the web? Data indicates consumer and citizen preference are switching to voice integration. Don't miss your chance to claim your invocation and skill name, before someone else does.Most of us have already adapted to the simple daily actions of asking Siri for directions or asking Alexa or Google Assistant to play a favorite tune. However, have you considered how quickly this technology is becoming ingrained into other products, services, and industries worldwide. The facts are Voice Assistant Technology is here, it is big and it’s not going away! More and more consumers, especially millennials, are relying on voice integration as a daily means of information and services.

Work Smarter with E-Gov Link Asset Management

An abundant amount of responsibility falls upon our local governments to keep our communities in good shape. We know it’s our local governments working behind the scenes to maintain parks, shelters, ball fields, local events and so much more. Maintaining community assets, such as beautiful parks, takes manpower and expensive tools to get the job done. And with all the vast services governments offer and the variety of departments and staff pitching in to keep things running, it can quickly become a complication to keep track of and manage.E-Gov Link helps local governments get the most out of today's technology by simplifying Asset Management. 

Brag About Your Parks & Rec Services!

Now Is A Great Time To Highlight Your Parks & Rec Services!There’s nothing like the seasons first walk in the park! Most of us look forward to it! Behind the scenes, much time and energy is spent keeping community parks and public services up to par. Now is a great time to promote that hard work, connect with your community and build trust and a sense of pride! Here are some ways you can highlight your Parks & Rec Services:

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