10 Reasons Why WordPress Is A Powerhouse CMS

We believe there is only one Content Management System that merits consideration in 2018 for municipalities: WordPress! Website creators in 2018 would need to look for a really good reason NOT to consider WordPress as their top choice for Content Management! More municipalities chose the WordPress platform than any other CMS in 2017, and the lead is growing every year. If you're not on board with WordPress it's likely you will be paying for a brand-new website in 4 years, or less! WordPress opens up a world of possibilities for your website. Consider the reasons below and see how WordPress can be a Powerhouse for your organization.  There’s an App Plug-in for that! WordPress has 50,000 Plug-ins to offer that extend the possibilities of your website. Just as apps make phones “smart”, Plug-ins make your website “smart”!  This allows you to provide better service to your citizens! And means increased [...]

What Is Near Field Communication?

If you have noticed anyone making a payment with the tap of their cell phone, you have seen Near Field Communication in action. NFC was first available on Android in 2010. And while Apple Pay has been available for some time, not until recently have third-party developers gained access to the NFC chip on iPhones. Now that Near Field Communication will be readily available on most cell phones, and not just for payment apps, the door opens for a wide range of uses for this technology. A Near Field Chip contains a memory radio chip and an antenna. It is not equipped with battery power, rather draws its power from another source, such as a smart phone.  So, what exactly is Near Field Communication? NFC uses magnetic field induction to enable communication between two devices, such as smartphones, tablets or near field chips/tags. When you “tap” two NFC devices together, [...]

Intranets For Local Governments

Intranets are breaking down communication barriers, taking the way organizations communicate to a whole new level. It’s no surprise that local governments are always looking for ways to increase efficiencies. Providing your organization with an intranet is one way to do this. Don’t be left behind without an intranet connection! Intranets are breaking down communication barriers and taking the way organizations communicate to a whole new level. An intranet is a private online network accessible only to an organization’s staff. Local Governments are realizing many benefits intranets offer through providing an online community for staff, with little or in some cases no additional costs. There are options in how an organization chooses to structure their intranet. Access can be provided to staff through an IP address that can only be reached on site, or pages can be set up that are password protected. Intranets can be connected to your website, [...]

The Power Of A WordPress Website With Social Media

How’s your digital presence holding up amongst your community? Having a website of course is crucial, but that’s just one aspect of your digital footprint. Social Media is another force that organizations should reckon with sooner rather than later if they intend to build upon and not diminish their relationship to their community. The tools WordPress lends to your Social Media strategy are among the many important benefits WordPress offers. Think of WordPress as “home base” for your online presence and Social Media as a very active and remote online presence for your organization. What’s the big deal about Social Media anyway? Residents turn to Social Media multiple times a day for news, social updates, information, recommendations, entertainment and to share their own voice or opinion. Your organization needs a presence where residents are going to find their information. Today many citizens are interacting more with Social Media than they [...]

E-Gov For Alexa Delivers 24/7 Service to Citizens

Imagine providing citizens the convenience of simply asking a question about local events, community issues or reporting concerns and receiving an instant response.  The technology is here. You can make this happen with E-Gov for Alexa! E-Gov for Alexa could be your community’s first Artificial Intelligence assistant and a great addition to your team! We see digital assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant and Microsoft’s Cortana as an unstoppable trend, and E-Gov for Alexa is our first step toward helping communities prepare for this inevitability. Embrace the latest technology trends with E-Gov for Alexa and:  Engage with your community using cutting-edge technology  Improve service and communication for your citizens  Build trust with your community in providing 24/7 easy access to information they want  Save staff time in helping eliminate daily, mundane phone inquiries  Stay current on what citizens are asking about  E-Gov for Alexa is a powerful tool with [...]

Case Study – Bethel Park, PA Website Re-Design

Overview Of Municipality Bethel Park, Pennsylvania is located approximately 8 miles south of Pittsburgh and home to around 33,000 residents. The community of Bethel Park offers an attractive mix of entertainment, history, shopping, dining and local business attractions for residents and visitors to enjoy. Allegheny County’s South Park is one point of interest which host a wide range of activities including concerts, golf, a wave pool, skate park, trails and much more. The Project E-Gov Link recently worked with the Bethel Park municipality on a website re-design. The website was over 9 years old and was ready for some enhancements. Specific goals for improvements included Unique imagery and design for the site. This was very important to the customer as they really wanted their new website to stand apart from some of the typical website designs municipalities have adopted over recent years A website that was easy to navigate. The [...]

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