Now Is A Great Time To Highlight Your Parks & Rec Services!

There’s nothing like the seasons first walk in the park! Most of us look forward to it! Behind the scenes, much time and energy is spent keeping community parks and public services up to par. Now is a great time to promote that hard work, connect with your community and build trust and a sense of pride!


cycling on pathHere are some ways you can highlight your Parks & Rec Services:

Use Social Media to promote local activities.

People are generally curious, and even more so when it comes to what’s happening in their neck of the woods. A recent Deloitte survey reveals that people check their phones ups to 47 times a day. And this is where they get quick updates on their social networks.  On average 74% of Facebook users say they visit the site daily and 51% say they visit several times a day, according to a recent PEW update. Let your community know what events and activities are going on around them in a timely way. Chances are you’ll grab the attention of on-goers who otherwise would miss out on local opportunities.

Offer E-Gov Voice Integration.

Now you can communicate with citizens through Alexa, Google and mobile devices, hands-free! Citizens just need to ask Alexa to open E-Gov and they can access up-to-date information about news and events in the community. Imagine citizens gaining access to weekend events at the Saturday breakfast table, without touching a computer!

Highlight a Parks & Rec calendar on your website.

Dedicate a calendar on your Parks & Rec website page to highlight seasonal local events. Include recent photos and news to promote activities.

Create a digital brochure to promote Parks & Events.

You can add a digital flip-book to your website to further promote parks, events and activities. Often times citizens first go online to find out information about local events. You can provide a wealth of information in a digitally appealing, and easy to use way, with a digital flip-book.

Use Near Field Communication to offer access to on location reservations.

Equip signage at your ball fields and park shelters with Near Field Communication Chips. This allows citizens to gain access to reservations on your website with a quick tap of the mobile phone. Coaches and volunteers can reserve the next practice time while on location. Residents can reserve a Park Shelter while visiting the location. 

Create a buzz with theme related e-mails & communications.

Pick a park of the month to highlight special features, activities and events.  Communicate the features through e-mails and social media through-out the month. Shape your communication around a certain theme. For example, “Discover the most liked activities at your favorite local parks. This week reserve a Tennis Court at our newly remodeled Maple Park courts.”

Offer recognition to citizens who frequent parks and local events.

Promote your parks, activities & events by handing out t-shirts, travel mugs or water bottles at some events.

Get citizens involved by requesting pictures, stories and reviews about local parks & activities.

Pictures and reviews are a great way to promote your Parks and Recreation Services. Ask citizens to share memories and reviews through social media. Build trust and pride in your community by rewarding active citizens with t-shirts promoting the community or coupons to try a local recreational activity for free. 


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