Please Your Public And Your Staff

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Extend the power of your Citizen Request Management Solution! E-Gov Link’s advanced CRM features allow you to provide more user-friendly tools to the citizen. And having all your requests funnel through your CRM allows you to leverage increased efficiencies internally. A wealth of information and reporting capabilities can be made available to you on demand. The ability to measure and track workflow highlights opportunities to improve processes internally.

Get The Right Tools To Efficiently Manage Your Parks And Recreation Needs.

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Today there is no need to overwhelm your staff with the task of trying to manually keep up with everchanging events, schedules and registrations. There is no need for the endless amounts of tedious manual forms. E-Gov’s ParksLink is a simple online solution that can be seamlessly integrated into your current website. You won’t need additional software or hardware; our solutions are hosted applications that can be integrated by just adding a link to your current website. ParksLink provides robust tools, easy to use for both citizens and staff.

E-Gov Link’s Voice Integration Service

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Digital assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant have launched a technology trend that’s becoming a staple for the way people look for information and service. E-Gov link now has a skill for Amazon’s Alexa and an action for Google Assistant. Local governments can take advantage of this technology and provide hands free 24/7 service to citizens, while saving staff time! Learn how local governments are benefiting from voice integration service:

Boost Your Local Economy With A Mobile App

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Over 60% of adults own a smartphone. More and more residents use a smartphone as their first “go-to” for current information. This opens the door for endless opportunities to promote your local economy and connect residents to services they are seeking. Since smart phones allow for location based information, you can provide highly personalized information to residents in real time, anytime. Have you considered the possibilities of economic opportunity through a mobile app? 

Keep Your Website Tuned-Up For Maximum Performance

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Since your website is your online communication hub and “store-front”, it’s imperative to keep it running with maximum effectiveness! Don’t leave residents in the dark struggling with dreaded broken links and rusty content layout. If [...]

What Is Near Field Communication?

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If you have noticed anyone making a payment with the tap of their cell phone, you have seen Near Field Communication in action. NFC was first available on Android in 2010. And while Apple Pay [...]

Intranets For Local Governments

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Intranets are breaking down communication barriers, taking the way organizations communicate to a whole new level. It’s no surprise that local governments are always looking for ways to increase efficiencies. Providing your organization with an [...]

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