CRM for local government means responsiveness to your citizen’s needs.

Citizen Relationship Management Software is designed to improve communications between citizens and government.  Creating a government CRM requires a great deal of knowledge and experience.  And with over twenty years of experience in Citizen Request Management software for local governments, E-Gov Link is the leader in Citizen Request Management.

A Citizen Request Management System (CRM) gives your residents and local businesses an easy way to use the Internet to make suggestions, request information, and request action any time of day or night.  The right person on your staff will be notified by email, so they can follow-up promptly on each request.  It can be used for service requests, government records requests, employee applications, and communications to officials.  Our CRM Software for Government provides complete internal request management system for tracking and reporting.  Staff can use to record phone requests or internal requests as well.  Talk to E-Gov Link about our Government CRM Solutions.

The system provides integrated front and back-end capabilities to create a centralized database of all requests both from the public as well as internal staff requests, no matter how they are received (via internet, internally input, etc), and tracks these requests until they are resolved.  Flexible management reporting is included.  Our CRM is just one element of our 4 module standard E-Gov Basics Application.

The E-Gov Link Government CRM module includes the following:

  • Citizen Relationship Management Software which tracks communication from the public through any means they choose to communicate with the Government (over-the-counter, by phone, via fax, email, through the Government website, etc).
  • Staff can print work orders, record follow-up activities, reassign responsibility, or change complaint status.
  • Specific forms dedicated to different kinds of requests to ensure the public/staff knows what information is needed for prompt action to be taken on the request.
  • Confirms via email to the public that the request has been received by the Local Government staff, and how the individual can check the status of their request on the Government website, through the citizen request management system.
  • Users can check on the status of requests submitted.
  • The system automatically assigns the task to the appropriate Local Government department and employee so as to track the request and ensure a prompt response.  A notification is sent to the appropriate Government staff if a request is not answered within a certain designated time period.
  • The system submits requests to employees both via email as well as through employees accessing the information from a database of stored information.
  • Local Government employees can send personal email messages to the public as part of the request resolution.
  • Tracks any changes made to a request by staff, including the name of the person who made the changes and the date and time of those changes.  This audit trail is created to track all activity on a request, including email communication sent to a resident.
  • Citizen Requests can be queried based on date, status, and/or assigned person and other criteria.  Detail and Summary Reports can be generated (Printer friendly) based on the results generated, which can be sorted in various sequences.
  • Allow staff to create different types of questions within a Request form for the public to respond to when making that request.  This includes, but is not limited to, features such as drop-down lists of choices determined by staff, check-lists, or fields where the public can type in additional information, ability to categorize requests by type, ability to reassign requests.
  • Enable all your forms to be completed online.
  • Staff time is reduced because forms are legible (no deciphering handwriting) and complete (no missing information).
  • Staff interruptions are reduced because requests can be made online and requesters can get email updates or check request status online.

Advanced CRM Features Available

  • Problem Location Tracking—We pre-load all valid addresses in your city, so citizens and staff can quickly determine if reported issue is in your jurisdiction. Search on streets or addresses to identify recurring issues. Use custom field to identify neighborhoods or districts.
  • Request Mapping—Create maps to see locations of selected requests. Requires Location Tracking.
  • Form Letters—Merge data collected in CRM forms with standard “boilerplate” text to create standardized emails or letters. Example: code enforcement non-compliance letters.
  • Survey Export—Create citizen surveys using CRM forms and export to Excel for analysis.
  • File Uploads—Add attachments to CRM requests to create a “paperless” system.
  • Administrative Only Fields—CRM requests can include fields not visible to public, so you can manage and track additional information about each request.
  • Reminder Scheduling—Staff can set reminder emails to be automatically sent to selected individuals at selected times. Use for setting reminders for follow-ups.
  • Sub-Status Reporting—Create more specific sub-status types for each CRM status, so you can manage requests at a more detailed level.
  • Code Sections—Track and report violations by code section and incorporate into Form Letters.

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