Your time is at a premium, so let’s review 5 simple ways to identify the best Government Content Management System for your Website. Consider the importance of the technology supporting your online solutions. After all, the Content Management System and solutions you build will rely on strength of the structure, or the framework they utilize for success. Just as a car relies on its engine to run, your website will rely on the durability and stability of its technology to deliver strong results in a number of categories; ease of use, functionality, longevity, visual appeal, customization and security.

E-Gov Link’s customers gain a huge competitive advantage through our strategic decision to build our solutions around a WordPress framework, which is undoubtedly the market’s leading technology in web design.

Here are 5 Facts to assist you in Finding the Best Government CMS:

  • Find a CMS that has proven its strength through usage. FACT: WordPress dominates with about 61% of CMS Market Share
  • Find a Government Website Design company that has demonstrated success and expertise in using WordPress. FACT: E-Gov Link utilizes WordPress, which has been available for over 16 years and powers 34% of all websites. E-Gov Link has successfully implemented WordPress sites for nearly a decade, and has served local governments for over 23 years.
  • Find an Open Source CMS to provide you the best Value. FACT: WordPress is Open Source, providing more technical resources than proprietary software.
  • Find a municipal government software provider who has expertise in using WordPress. FACT: E-Gov Link has expertise in implementing many of the 55,000 customizable WordPress plug-in tools.
  • Find a CMS for local government that is both ADA compliant and Secure: FACT: E-Gov Link builds ADA compliant websites and uses SSL encryption. E-Gov Link staff members are recognized as experts in security.

E-Gov Link leverages the benefits and maximizes the potential of the WordPress technology while integrating custom municipal solutions within this core to build E-Gov CMS.

E-Gov Link Leverages a multitude of benefits for our customers by embracing the WordPress Technology and building interfacing municipal solutions to create E-Gov CMS™. Our team of experts will help you extend the power, functionality and longevity of your website,
 while providing efficiencies, ease of use, security and reliability.

E-Gov CMS utilizing WordPress Technology

We start with WordPress and strategically integrate additions and customizations through plug-ins and settings. Our goal is to provide the industry standard interface, with access to a wealth of market-leading tools.
Our expert implementation provides superior functionality and seamless municipal customizations.
The result is a premium website that is powerful, yet agile, built to stand the test of time and backed with exceptional security, maintenance and support.

As experts in WordPress implementation we will work with you to pick a WordPress design and then customize your site to best fit your needs. You will be positioned well for the future, enjoy efficient re-designs and always have access to cutting-edge technology, including access to over 55,000 customizable tools called plug-ins.

E-Gov Link is more than a website design company; we partner with our customers to provide complete online solutions. We pride ourselves in delivering premium services and market-leading technology at an affordable price.