E-Government Content Management System

We have created an E-Government Content Management System that is safe and easy for everyone to use.  We consider it our own custom designed government CMS and provides all that is expected by your citizens.

E-Gov CMS™ is breaking boundaries with our strategic decision to back our websites with WordPress technology for our Government Content Management System. Much like the “app store” extends the capability of your mobile phone, WordPress plug-ins (software modules) extend the capability of your website. Imagine the possibilities! We will help you integrate market-leading software from developers worldwide into municipal solutions! As experts in WordPress integration, we are thrilled to offer on-going access to cutting-edge open source solutions, along with our proven market-leading proprietary solutions. You’ll enjoy endless options for creativity, customization and you’ll wow both staff and citizens with innovative tools as they hit the market.

Strong Management

Offering long-term viability, high functionality, a massive variety of customized tools, ease of use, multiple user access, the ability for a wealth of documentation and overall Best-In-Class Technology, you won’t find a better management tool than E-Gov CMS™.

Abundant Training Resources

Our knowledgeable staff is available 7AM-7PM (excluding holidays) and we provide 24/7/365 monitoring for emergencies. Additionally, a wide availability of tutorials, videos, and tips, to make your website more useful and valuable to citizens.

Staff Expertise – Universal Interface

More likely that current and future staff is comfortable using the tool. Non-technical employees will be able to easily manage updates.


Less likely you’ll need to spend money on another costly content migration in the near future when you upgrade the look of your website.

Customizable Tools & Cutting-Edge Technology

Enjoy access to the largest library of auxiliary software tools available (plug-ins, like phone apps, make the base product more useful). The Market Leading CMS means you’ll always have access to the latest cutting-edge technology.

ADA Compliance

Built from the ground-up with ADA compliance in mind. Additionally, we provide training to help keep you on track and extended municipal-related components.


E-Gov CMS™ is built with a rock-solid core, hardened from hackers through years of “bug bounty” protection. You’ll have continued and current security measures with every update we conduct on your behalf.

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