Imagine providing citizens the convenience of simply asking a question about local events, community issues or reporting concerns and receiving an instant response.

 The technology is here. You can make this happen with E-Gov for Alexa!

E-Gov for Alexa could be your community’s first Artificial Intelligence assistant and a great addition to your team! We see digital assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant and Microsoft’s Cortana as an unstoppable trend, and E-Gov for Alexa is our first step toward helping communities prepare for this inevitability. Embrace the latest technology trends with E-Gov for Alexa and:

  •  Engage with your community using cutting-edge technology
  •  Improve service and communication for your citizens
  •  Build trust with your community in providing 24/7 easy access to information they want
  •  Save staff time in helping eliminate daily, mundane phone inquiries
  •  Stay current on what citizens are asking about

 E-Gov for Alexa is a powerful tool with a wide range of capabilities, yet has an easy set up process!

Here are some examples illustrating the types of questions E-Gov for Alexa can answer instantly at the citizens prompt,

 “Alexa ask E-Gov”: 

  • Can you report tall grass at 625 Maple Street?
  • Can you report a pot hole at the corner of 9th and Liberty Street?
  • Where do I vote?
  • How do I file a private complaint?
  • What is our branch Library’s phone number?
  • Who are the town council members?
  • When is the next council meeting?
  • When is my property tax bill due?
  • What are the Trick or Treat hours this year?
  • Can you reserve the township lodge hall for me on October 28th?
  • Can you report a traffic light out at the corner of Main and 1st street?
  • Are the soccer games rained out?
  • What events are happening in our Township this weekend?
  • Do I need a permit for a new deck?
  • Where is the Farmers Market?
  • When will you plow my street?
  • Where do I obtain a marriage license?
  • How long will Lake Street be closed?

Here’s what customers are reporting about E Gov for Alexa:

  • Our staff thought it was pretty cool!
  • Our FAQ’s now benefit website users and Alexa users!
  • Having the ability to view the Alexa queries is a great way for the city to see what information people are searching!
  • It will be an extremely helpful tool for any user!

Don’t be left behind! Embrace voice interaction technology today and be on the forefront as this technology inevitably becomes a means of communication your citizens will rely upon for daily interactions.

This skill was not created or endorsed by Amazon.

E-Gov Link helps local governments get the most out of their technology investment. We are always looking for ways to help improve citizen service and save staff time.

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Create a more user-friendly experience
Provide residents more self-service options
Save staff time and increase productivity

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