Save staff time while providing citizens hands free 24/7 service!

Imagine providing citizens the convenience of simply asking a question about local events, community issues or reporting concerns and receiving an instant response. The technology is here! You can make this happen
with E-Gov Link’s voice integration service.

Digital assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant have launched a technology trend that’s becoming a staple for the way people look for information and service.
E-Gov Link now has a skill for Amazon’s Alexa and an action for Google Assistant to help local governments provide better service to citizens!

Here are some ways local governments are benefiting from Voice Integration Service:

  • Citizens can interact with City Hall any time of day, in the comfort of their home, just by asking Alexa or Google to open E-Gov and ask about the information they seek:

*  Updates on Local Events   *  Access To Report Concerns   *  Updates on Community Issues

  • Save staff time by letting voice integrated service field some of the daily mundane phone inquiries
  • Use as a digital assistant in the office providing a wealth of hands-free information for staff and visitors
  • Create a buzz and engage with your community using cutting-edge technology
  • Build trust with your community in providing 24/7 easy access to the information they want
  • Stay current on the kinds of information your citizens are searching

Don’t be left behind! Embrace voice integration technology today and be on the forefront as this technology inevitably becomes a means of communication your citizens will rely upon for daily interactions. 

E-Gov Link’s voice integration service can be a brilliant addition to your team!

Here’s what customers are saying about E-Gov Link’s voice integration service:

Our staff thought it was pretty cool!
Our FAQ’s now benefit website and Alexa users!
It will be an extremely helpful tool for any user!

Take advantage of this powerful tool offering a wide range of capabilities yet an easy set up process! 

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