We all feel a little stretched these days trying to achieve all of our business goals within budget. The good news is, technology has come a long way and so have our key learnings on what is most important in defining value.

E-Gov Link’s customers gain value through our strategic decision to build our solutions around a WordPress framework, which is undoubtedly the market’s leading technology in web design. One of the many benefits of WordPress and what makes it an ideal choice, is that it’s open source.

E-Gov Link leverages the benefits and maximizes the potential of the WordPress technology while integrating custom municipal solutions within this core to build E-Gov CMS™.

Open Source Software:

Get more and pay less! Open Source software development, or collaborative development between multiple independent contributors provides incredible value. It has expanded from a generic alternative to an efficient platform for enterprise functionality and next generation development. Sure, you can pay more for a website developer to start from scratch on your website project; but why would you waste time and money on that, when you can harness the agility of the open revolution and embrace the industry’s security rich, scalable and high performing CMS.

Why re-invent the wheel if there is market-leading technology that you can enhance and build upon? As experts in WordPress implementation we help our customers benefit from 1,000’s of developers all over the world, generating an increasingly more diverse scope of design perspective than any one company is capable of sustaining long term. E-Gov CMS™ provides continual updates that keep your website current and your investment safe. Out of the gate you’ll benefit from today’s market-leading tools, such as responsive design and ADA compliance without having to pay a small team of developers to re-invent that aspect of your website.

Why re-invent the Wheel

Why re-invent the Wheel?

No need to pay a small team of developers to re-invent the wheel with every website re-design. As experts in WordPress implementation, E-Gov Link can help you harness the agility of the open revolution! You’ll benefit from market-leading technology, extend the power and functionality of your website and find both cost and time efficiencies through the process.

Universal Interface = Ease of Use

It’s the power of Microsoft Word with the intuitiveness of an iPhone. No coding experience or expert knowledge is necessary to master the use of E-Gov CMS™. Because we build from the WordPress technology, E-Gov CMS™ offers a universal interface. Updates can be made by all staff, not just the tech team. In our experience we often find that many staff members have already been exposed to the WordPress interface through personal experience or previous employment. Don’t just take our word for it, consider the world’s biggest brands that trust and use WordPress and major cities that build their online solutions upon the WordPress Technology.

Who Uses WordPress and Overall Usage

Government Software Solutions

E-Gov Link will position you well for functionality and customization with a website that is both powerful and flexible. We offer extensive e-government software solutions including Citizen Request Management, Parks and Recreation, Permits, Code Enforcement and more. Our government CRM Solutions allow Citizens to submit issues and requests at anytime, without interrupting your workflow. You’ll have continued access to this software and over 55,000 customizable software tools. Our team of experts help you logically add software application solutions to your site. Just tell us what you need and we will help you achieve it! You’ll be amazed by the cost and time efficiencies you’ll find in updates, additions and re-designs, compared to traditional (non-open source) methods.

E-Gov Link will ensure you have a premium website that is powerful, yet agile, built to stand the test of time and backed with exceptional security, maintenance and support.