Local governments serve many diverse roles for their community and are constantly challenged with the duty of doing so efficiently. Citizens look to their local government as a source of information and service support across a wide range of needs. The volume and assortment of daily citizen request can take a toll on staff. Some examples of these request include

  • Request for information, such as Freedom of Information
  • Concerned citizens reporting potholes or powerlines down
  • Citizens reporting sidewalk repair needed or high grass
  • Request for block parties, streets closed
  • Reports of building code violations
  • Business or zoning inquiries
  • Tree maintenance
  • Water service request

It requires a significant amount of time to manually navigate through these citizen request and in turn direct to the correct internal employees. These requests can quickly become cumbersome to manage, resolve and track. Without a good system in place turnaround time is prolonged and staff time is not used efficiently. This can be frustrating for both staff and residents.

The good news is you can put today’s technology to work for you!   E-Gov Link’s Citizen Request Management Solution can be added seamlessly to your website by just adding a link. Our solutions are provided as hosted applications, which means you won’t need extra internal hardware or software.

Leaders in municipal online solutions, E-Gov Link pioneered the Citizen Request Management tool, which others have duplicated in the market.

Our Solution -Citizen Request Management

E-Gov Link’s Citizen Request Management allows local governments to provide 24/7 service to residents in need of information or request. The system can navigate the request via e-mail to the right person on your staff as well as provide confirmation to the resident that the request has been received. Status updates are available upon request.

In the example below E-Gov Link Placed a link to Camden County’s CRM directly on their home page called “How Do I”. The CRM is easy for residents to find and navigate. 


In this example E-Gov Link placed a link to The Village of Lincolnwood’s CRM directly to their home page called “I Want To”. When you click on this menu item it brings you to a page with a host of options such as:

  • Make a payment online
  • Submit a request for service
  • Register for a Park or Recreation Program
  • Transfer a deed
  • Apply for a job, etc. 


This example shows how a resident can begin a request, for example on The Village of Volo’s website. Each request has a tracking number, so it can be monitored until the request is resolved.

Additionally, the information can be reviewed in real time and saved for future reference with all appropriate staff members having access. 

E-Gov Link’s CRM is just one element of the many E-Gov Applications. There are also advanced CRM features available such as Request Mapping, Code Sections and File Uploads.

E-Gov Link is more than just a website design & development provider,we partner with you to Build a Stronger Link to Your Community!


Create a more user-friendly experience
Provide residents more self-service options
staff time & increase productivity


Download a printable copy here.