Since your website is your online communication hub and “store-front”, it’s imperative to keep it running with maximum effectiveness! Don’t leave residents in the dark struggling with dreaded broken links and rusty content layout.

If your answer is yes to any of these concerns, don’t wait you may be overdue for a website tune-up:

An affordable website tune-up ensures your website
is meeting the goals of your community.
  • Has it been over a year since your last website review?
  • Worried your website has pit falls and danger zones?
  • Avoiding those “update now” buttons?
  • Running into glitches you haven’t had time to iron out?
  • Need to improve or implement your Social Media outreach?
  • Wondering if you are getting the most out of your website?
  • Wondering if residents are finding the information they need?
  • Worried Staff is struggling to keep updates current?

We recommend a website tune-up once a year to ensure your site is meeting the goals of your community. One critical goal your website needs to achieve is to allow citizens easy “self-serve” access to information they need, avoiding unnecessary phone calls and ultimately saving staff time while improving citizen service. This means your website should be reviewed periodically to ensure relevant information is easy to find.

You can’t feature everything, so strategically planning what you do feature can greatly improve the effectiveness of your website. Do you know why people are visiting your website? Do you know your frequently visited pages? Is your site organized around your departments and internal structure? Have you considered optimizing your website for the citizen, or site visitor?

An affordable website tune-up can ease your worries and ensure your website is in tip-top shape!

E-Gov Link’s 14 Point Website Tune-Up

E-Gov Link continues regular maintenance such as software updates, site backups and malware scans. However, our 14-point tune up goes beyond routine maintenance. We comb through your website to uncover dead zones and bring forth any missed opportunities you could apply toward better service and improved communication.

1 Check for broken links
2 Check for slow loading pages
3 Recommendations for best plug in options
4 Recommendations for easier navigation
5 Recommendations for improving content layout
6 Review of website analytics
7 Review of image layouts and suggested improvements
8 Opportunity for staff to clear up any training needs
9 Recommendations on applying the latest trends in technology
10 Our review of your website from the visitor’s perspective
11 Help with implementation of Social Media
12 Recommendation on redesign strategy
13 Information sharing on best practices in the industry
14 Check for spelling errors

Don’t spin your wheels wondering if your website needs a look “under the hood”. Our 14-point affordable tune-up will ensure your website is delivering at peak performance to your community! An annual review and even small changes to keep you current can make a significant impact on your online community connection.

E-Gov Link is more than just a website design & development provider, we partner with you to Build a Stronger Link to Your Community!

Create a more user-friendly experience
Provide residents more self-service options
Save staff time and increase productivity

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