Adopting Local Government Software to create efficient Public Services

Once you choose a Best in Class Content Management System and get your Website looking great, it’s time to start thinking of ways to engage citizens and improve efficiencies of public services. E-Gov Link works with you to integrate your staff’s daily activities with all users and stakeholders in a given municipality.  In past articles, we have discussed the importance of Citizen Request Management Software to streamline and organize incoming questions, requests, and problems reported.  In addition to basic CRM, we recommend utilizing software for Building and Construction Permits, Advanced CRM, as well as software to reserve space in parks and recreation, or classes and events. The best websites for local government are those that truly engage their citizens and provide a variety of ways for citizens to become involved, informed and an integral part of your municipality’s offerings.

Permit Software for Local Government                                          Blueprints and Ruler

Municipalities manage a wide range of permit types, so having an on-line system to streamline the routing, approval and issuing of Permits is vital to deliver efficient public service.  E-Gov Link’s PermitsLink software is designed to present clarity in each step of the workflow; improving communication with applicants and providing an efficient process for your staff. Using this application for managing the permitting process improves the internal workflow to track applications, inspections, payments, and approvals. PermitsLink can assist in computing invoices, collecting fees and printing documents, certificates, and reports.

Advanced Citizen Request Management

E-Gov Link’s Basic CRM 311 management system allows local governments to provide 24/7 service to residents in need of information or request. The system can route the request via e-mail to the right person on your staff as well as provide confirmation to the resident that the request has been received. Staff members can also take calls and enter requests directly into the system for the caller. Basic CRM provides tracking for these types of requests:

  • Request for information, including Freedom of Information (FOIA or FOIL)
  • Concerned citizens reporting potholes or power lines down
  • Citizens reporting sidewalk repair needed or tall grass
  • Request for block parties, streets closed
  • Reports of building code violationsCitizen Request Management graphic
  • Business or zoning inquiries
  • Tree maintenance
  • Water service request

E-Gov Link’s Advanced CRM features includes Geographic Information System mapping technology or GIS features, such as location tracking and request mapping.  It also includes file uploads added to CRM requests, advanced reporting capabilities, automated scheduled reminders for requests in progress, and Code Violation Management. Each of these Citizen Request Management enhancements improves the users’ ability to provide excellent public service.  This municipal government software, or Citizen Relationship Management Software can be added seamlessly to your website. Our government IT solutions are provided as hosted applications, which means you won’t need extra internal hardware.

Parks and Recreation Reservation Software Park Bench

Keeping track of reservations, events, schedules, or registrations is easy with E-Gov Link’s simple on-line solution.  E-Gov Link’s ParksLink saves staff time while providing better service to citizens by displaying events, classes, or facility descriptions that are searchable and allow citizens to sign up on-line.  ParksLink can handle sophisticated customizations such as the option to limit classes to specific age groups, detail class availability and even provide a sign-up wait list.  Communities that display their parks and facilities with engaging pictures and descriptions will maximize citizen interest.  Users can search available dates and times either by facility or by category. Staff will be able to set up recurring reservations or reserve facilities for internal use. 

Build a Stronger Link to Your Community with E-Gov Link!

  • Create a more user-friendly experience
  • Provide residents more self-service options
  • Save staff time and increase productivity