Mobile apps are quickly becoming a platform for civic engagement. Making information and services available to the growing number of mobile users in your community is valuable, but can be challenging. The E-Gov Link Mobile App makes it much easier, and much more affordable to implement a mobile application that is catered to your municipality. We eliminate the challenges and high costs associated with development, and  make it easy to enable the services and functionality that you choose to highlight for your community.


Now you can improve communications with your citizens, without adding more work for your team. The E-Gov Link Mobile App integrates with your current website and online services, so you don’t have to maintain the app separately.  Calendar events, Citizen Requests / 311, Facebook & Twitter, community alerts, and much more are integrated with your website. This allows you to engage your citizens where they are – on mobile devices and on social media, without having to update and maintain the information in two separate places.


Whether you want to more effectively reach citizens, improve service, or promote business and activities in your community, the E-Gov Link Mobile App can quickly and easily be customized to serve your municipality.



Contact us for more information on pricing and options, and to see how you can download a demo of the E-Gov Link Mobile App in the app stores. (Available for Android and iOS.)