PermitsLink Summary

Enter Permits

  • Select permit from list of available types
  • Select contacts from existing database or add others. Contact types include Applicant, Owner, Architect (if applicable), Contractor (contractor info includes certifications)
  • Enter specifications (based on permit type). Includes information needed for fee calculations, reviews and inspections
  • Upload plans and other documents to store on System

Manage Reviews

  • System will set reviews needed, based on permit type. City can add others.
  • System will alert reviewers that a new permit request has been received that will need their attention
  • Reviewers can record comments (internal and external) and review status into system and indicate if added reviews are needed
  • Review status viewable online

Manage Inspections

  • System will set inspections needed, based on permit type. City can add others.
  • City can enter inspection requests into system and schedule
  • System will alert inspectors when a new inspection has been scheduled that will need their attention. They can print list of their inspections (or all inspections) scheduled
  • Inspectors can record comments (internal and external) and inspection status into system and indicate if added inspections are needed
  • Inspection status viewable online

Compute and Collect Fees

  • System will automatically calculate fees (including upfront fees), based on information provided combined with stored data and formulas
  • City can record fee payments

Print Permits, Certificates, and Reports

  • System can print out permits and other documents
  • When final inspection is passed and all fees are collected, system can print Certificates of Completion and Occupancy.
  • Authorized users can view or print reports

Easy Implementation

  • Application hosted by E-Gov Link, so no added hardware or software is needed, just PCs with Internet access
  • City can manage users and access rights of each user using simple interface screen
  • The public view of the Application incorporates the City’s banner and colors
  • The City can add links from its website to the public view of the Application

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