Extend the power of your Citizen Request Management Solution!

E-Gov Link’s advanced CRM features allow you to provide more user-friendly tools to the citizen. And having all your requests funnel through your CRM allows you to leverage increased efficiencies internally. A wealth of information and reporting capabilities can be made available to you on demand. The ability to measure and track workflow highlights opportunities to improve processes internally.                                  

Location Tracking
We can pre-load addresses, so citizen and staff can quickly find location information from a drop-down menu when referring to or generating a citizen request. This tool also helps you identify recurring issues, identify neighborhoods or districts and determine quickly if the issue in question does in fact fall in your jurisdiction.

Request Mapping
Create maps to see locations of selected request. Allow staff to use this tool when they need to go on a location. The map can easily be pulled up to pin-point exactly where they need to go.

File Uploads
Attachments can be added to CRM requests, which can be accessed via mobile devices. Create a “paperless” system that staff can access while on location.

Reporting Capabilities – Gain Easy Access To Detailed & Current Workflow Information, By Department.
The ability to pull current and detailed reports at a departmental level helps you to better manage the workflow your staff handles day in and out. You’ll be able to see the big picture on the types and quantity of request that come in and discover exactly which departments need further attention to efficiently turn request around.  

Track how quickly requests are being filled and be in the know if some are left open.

Automate Scheduled Reminders For Requests In Progress.
Allow your staff the option to set reminder emails. These e-mails can be automatically sent to selected individuals at selected times. Use for setting reminders for follow ups.

Simplify Code Violation Management
Code violations can be tracked and stored for future reference. You can pull reports displaying the number and locations of your code violations. You can track locations with multiple violations. Incorporate your reported code violations into Form Letters and track the progress of each individual issue.  

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