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Our relationships with our customers extend beyond just doing a great job for them. We understand that you have a job to do, and when systems and processes get in the way, it can be stressful. We’re here to work with you and to make your life easier! Our team takes pride in going above and beyond, getting to know you unique needs and anticipating how tomorrow’s challenges can be met with the latest tools on the market. More than just a corporate machine, we pride ourselves on long-term relationships with our customers continually providing complete online services. 

Image of Niagara Falls Website
City of Niagara Falls, NY
Population: 49,468
Image of Delhi Website
Delhi Township, OH
Population: 29,510
Image of Bound Brook Website
Bound Brook, NJ
Population: 10,487
Image of the Wyoming Website
City of Wyoming, OH
Population: 8,415
Image of North Olmsted Website
City of North Olmsted, OH
Population: 32,292
Columbia Township, OH
Population: 4,532
Image of the West Richland Website
City of West Richland, WA
Population: 13,003
Image of Project Mason Website
Project Mason, OH
Population: 30,712
Image of Green Township Website
Green Township, OH
Population: 58,370

E-Gov Link provides a low-cost, rapid-development method to get a great, responsive website up and running.  Our recent projects in this area have ranged from $3,500 to $25,000.  The price varies depending on how much content we’ll be migrating, and other special features.

We guide our customers throughout the process and help them create a website that helps build pride within their community and provide continued improved services to the citizens.  

We work with our clients to determine their site preferences, and look at what they like and dislike on their current site and on other sites.  With extensive research and preparation, we are able to offer a design that matches their preferences.  We present that in a Photoshopped image.  Through a series of revisions, we converge on a design that provides the look and feel of the community’s unique image.

We then perform the programming steps necessary to bring the site to life.  We integrate the design into the WordPress Content Management System, which is by far the Market Leading Content Management System.  Finally, the content is loaded into the site, we train the customer, and we take the site live.


  • Completely Custom Look
  • E-Gov CMS™ provides access to the largest library of customizable tools available on the market
  • E-Gov CMS™ provides access to cutting-edge technology as it hits the market
  • Work with Professional Designers
  • Maximum Flexibility
  • Lower cost
  • Rapid Development
  • Proven Software

Bethel Park Website ScreenshotBethel Park, PA
Population: 31,911
Image of Silverton Website
Village of Silverton, OH
Population: 4,781
Image of the Lockland Website
Village of Lockland, OH
Population: 3,437
Image of Pikeville Website
City of Pikeville, KY
Population: 6,905
Image of Georgetown Website
City of Georgetown, SC
Population: 9,100
Image of Wilmette Website
Village of Wilmette, IL
Population: 27,363
Image of Sugar Grove Website
Sugar Grove, IL
Population: 9,104
Image of Amityville Website
Village of Amityville, NY
Population: 9,513
Image of Vandalia Website
Vandalia, OH
Population: 15,175
Image of Somers Website
Town of Somers, CT
Population: 11,444
Image of New Providence Website
Borough of New Providence, NJ
Population: 12,332
Image of Piqua Website
City of Piqua, OH
Population: 20,699
Image of Lincolnwood Website
Village of Lincolnwood, IL
Population: 12,697
Image of Warrington Website
Warrington Township, PA
Population: 23,418
Image of Farmington Website
Farmington, MO
Population: 17,796
Image of South Lebanon Website
South Lebanon, OH
Population: 4,216

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