Web Design

We have developed a cost-effective methodology that gives you a new custom website at the cost of a packaged solution.

  • You select a model based on your preferences
  • Then you select from available options depending on model
  • You will provide images and logos to include in design
  • We create a mock-up based on model and customizations chosen
  • We build templates incorporating the designs upon mock-up sign off
  • You then add the content using our content management tool.
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Niagara Falls Website

Citizen Request Management (CRM)

CRM gives your residents and local businesses an easy way to use the Internet to make suggestions, request information, and request action any time of day or night.  The right person on your staff will be notified by email, so they can follow-up promptly on each request.  It can be used for service requests, government records requests, employee applications, and communications to officials.  Provides complete internal request management system for tracking and reporting.  Staff can use to record phone requests or internal requests as well.

•  Tracks communication from the public through any means they choose to communicate with the Government (over-the-counter, by phone, via fax, email, through the Government website, etc).

•  Staff can print work orders, record follow-up activities, reassign responsibility, or change complaint status.

•  Specific forms dedicated to different kinds of requests to insure the public/staff knows what information is needed for prompt action to be taken on the request.

•  Confirms via email to the public that the request has been received by the Government, and how the individual can check the status of their request on the Government website.

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Harlingen TX E-Gov Link App

Mobile App

E-Gov’s Mobile App allows you to improve communication with your citizens, without adding more work for your team!

You won’t have to maintain the app separately because the E-Gov Link Mobile App links to your current website and online services. Calendar events, Citizen Requests, Facebook & Twitter, Community Alerts and more are integrated with your website. This allows you to engage with your citizens where they are – on mobile devices and on social media, without having to update and maintain the information in two separate places.

E-Gov Solutions

Provide citizens with more of the self-service tools they are looking for.

E-Gov link provides government software solutions for your citizens and staff.  We have a long history of working to create municipal government software and local government software solutions to ease the ever-increasing role of government services.  We support our creations by offering government web hosting and municipal website hosting at a competitive rate.  Contact E-Gov Link to discuss your next e-government software need.

With over 20 years of of municipal software solutions and local government software solutions experience, we are experts in proven online municipal solutions. We are leaders in the industry having pioneered Government Software Services such as like Citizen Request Management, which competitors have duplicated and still use today.  You can extend the power of your current website with our custom municipal software solutions today, no need to wait for a complete web re-design. Our e-government software solutions are hosted applications, which means you won’t need any extra internal hardware or software to use them. If you are looking to improve citizen service while saving staff time, see a complete list of our proven solutions which can be easily implemented on your current website. 

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City Hall

Sky’s the limit with custom solutions from E-Gov CMS™.

Our strategic decision to power our Content Management System with WordPress means we can provide our customers access to over 55,000 customizable software tools, or 55,000 local government software application solutions.  When our customers have a unique need we can often turn around a quick solution with our expertise in implementing plug-ins as municipal software solutions. Be as creative and spontaneous as you want. Consider placing a tax calculator on your website, a voting ward look up during the voting season or post an attractive display of community demographics with fillable graphs.  Let E-Gov Link help you with your Government Software Services.

There’s an app E-Gov solution for that!

E-Gov Voice Integration

Save Staff Time While Providing Citizens 24/7 Hands-Free Service

E-Gov Link’s voice integration service can be a brilliant addition to your team!

Imagine providing citizens the convenience of simply asking a question about local events, community issues or reporting concerns and receiving an instant response. The technology is here! You can make this happen
with E-Gov Link’s voice integration service.

Save staff time while allowing E-Gov’s voice integration to assist in providing information about local events, updates on community and access to report concerns. Citizens can find the information they need, hands-free, in the comfort of their own home, or while mobile.

We’re Lost! Ask Google Assistant where the council meeting is this morning.

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E-Gov’s ParksLink helps you gain better control of your recreation programs and increase your revenues while improving citizen service.

You can add E-Gov applications to your existing website! There’s no need to add in-house hardware or software. Access the applications with a standard browser.

•  Events and class registrations and payments

•  Facility reservations and payments

•  Membership sign-ups and payments

•  User Management

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E-Gov PermitsLink provides an easy way to manage your building permits and provides citizens with more online self-help tools to view and initiate the permit process.

  • Enter Permits
  • Manage Reviews
  • Manage Inspections
  • Compute and collect fees
  • Print permits, certificates and reports
  • Easy Implementation
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Training & Support

Training and support are included with all of our website design projects. We’ll make sure your staff has the knowledge and confidence to keep your site updated without the need to contact tech support for ongoing updates and changes. Still, you’ll have ongoing access to our knowledgeable staff via help desk when needed.

Best-In-Class Hosting And Maintenance

E-Gov Link utilizes the market-leading hosting provider Amazon Web Services! We stand behind this decision as it enables us to offer our customers the best options for high-availability, highly secure, robust government web hosting.  E-Gov Link considers AWS the perfect solution for Government Website Hosting and is ideal for hosting websites and hosting other local government software solutions that we have developed. We take pride in our top-of-the-line support. We encourage you to contact any of our customers, to find out first hand our commitment to support.

Rest assured you’ll have all the best hosting & maintenance features:

  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Completely Controlled
  • Flexible
  • Elastic Web-Scale Computing
  • Affordable

Annual maintenance includes maintaining the underlying software versions, performing backups, maintaining our modules, and implementing enhancements and bug fixes on an on-going basis.