Today there is no need to overwhelm your staff with the task of trying to manually keep up with everchanging events, schedules and registrations. There is no need for the endless amounts of tedious manual forms.
E-Gov’s ParksLink is a simple online solution that can be seamlessly integrated into your current website. You won’t need additional software or hardware; our solutions are hosted applications that can be integrated by just adding a link to your current website.

  • Get better control of recreational programs and increase revenues
  • Provide more self-service options for citizens
  • House comprehensive information/forms in a universal organized location
  • Save staff time while providing better service to citizens
  • Attractively display Parks and Facilities in your community

ParksLink provides robust tools, easy to use for both citizens and staff.

Simplify event/class registrations and payments
Today citizens expect online communication. This means your website needs to be current in providing 24/7 self-service options for your community. ParksLink offers a customizable, user friendly online solution to serve citizens and staff! Attractively display event and class descriptions that are searchable and allow citizens to sign-up and pay online. ParksLink can handle sophisticated customizations such as the option to limit classes to specific age groups, detail class availability and even provide a sign-up wait list. Families can register multiple members and make a single payment.

Maximize Facility reservations and payments
Display your communities’ facilities with engaging pictures and descriptions. Users can search available dates and times either by facility or in any facility category. Staff will be able to set up recurring reservations or reserve facilities for internal use, such as for classes. An internal calendar is available, so staff can plan without double-booking.

Customize Membership sign-ups and payments (use for pool passes)
Customize your membership sign-ups and payments to fit your needs. Allow families to sign up multiple members at the same time. Provide different pricing for singles, couples, families, etc.
Implement a photo ID feature with attendance tracking.

User Management- provide more self-service options
Users can sign themselves up with user accounts and can login anytime to update information. Users have access to see and print receipt copies. Staff can also add user accounts.

Management and Administration-save staff time
ParksLink significantly helps simplify management and administrative functions. A complete tracking system for all recreation activities, reservations and memberships will be available. Useful information such as class rosters, reservation lists and financial summaries can be easily generated. Updates, such as seasonal changes are easy to make. Waiver forms may be set for online approval or downloaded and printed for signature. The subscription feature allows citizens to sign-up for email updates.

E-Gov Link is more than just a website design & development provider, we partner with you to Build A Stronger Link To Your Community!

Create a more user-friendly experience
Provide residents more self-service options
Save staff time & increase productivity

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