Act NOW to secure an invocation name for voice integration with your citizens.

Remember in the 90’s the importance of a good domain name on the web? Data indicates consumer and citizen preference are switching to voice integration. Don’t miss your chance to claim your invocation and skill name, before someone else does.

Most of us have already adapted to the simple daily actions of asking Siri for directions or asking Alexa or Google Assistant to play a favorite tune. However, have you considered how quickly this technology is becoming ingrained into other products, services, and industries worldwide. The facts are Voice Assistant Technology is here, it is big and it’s not going away! More and more consumers, especially millennials, are relying on voice integration as a daily means of information and services.

  • 50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020 – Comscore
  • The Echo Dot was the best-selling product on all of Amazon in the 2018 season – Techcrunch
  • 72% of people who own a voice-activated speaker say their devices are often used as part of their daily routine – Think with Google
  • 43% of users cite that using voice search is quicker than using a website or an appKatherine Watier
  • Amazon is introducing 70 new products equipped with Alexa including a basic $60 microwave, a clock and an auto device that can supply direction, music or play audiobooks USA Today

This technology trend can be used to enhance citizen engagement and reduce staff burden. E-Gov Link can help you embrace this technology and integrate the voice services your community will be relying upon more in more in the future.   

Act Now, The train is leaving the station!

This means claiming an invocation name NOW for your municipality, so you can create a clear path for your residents to find you in the age of voice assistants. For clarification, an invocation name is your connection to your community when they need municipal services and expect to retrieve these services through their digital assistants (Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant). For example, when a citizen wants to communicate with you through Alexa, they will need to alert their Alexa to connect to your services. They do this by calling your invocation name. You need to register an invocation name that is simple, legible, and obvious. You may choose a name like “Somerville Connection” or Springfield Staff”. However, there may be a number of businesses in your area that are also seeking such name, so claim the one that makes sense for you, NOW!

In the 90’s the critical decision to claim the right domain name for your business was the path for consumers to find you online. The domain name became such an important business tool that its value instantly became significant. In fact, the lucky few that understood this early on gained an easy profit merely by buying various names at a low price and selling ridiculously high.

This idea parallels with claiming your invocation name for voice services. If you miss your chance to claim a name that fits your municipality, it can cause roadblocks for you in the future and interfere with the level of ease that your community can connect to you, as voice integrated services continue to become more mainstream.

You’ll also want to pick a “skill” name. A skill is like an app. Citizens can enable skills the same way you would install an app on your smartphone. Skills are voice-driven capabilities. Your skill is what the invocation word will “wake” to allow citizens to connect to your voice services.

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Implement Voice Services Today

  • Master the hot, growing technology -get in front of this trend
  • Claim, promote and define your skill and invocation word with your community
  • Be a technology leader
  • Make it easy for citizens to access info 24/7 and simultaneously save staff time
  • Communicate with Millennials
  • Provide better citizen service and reduce phone calls


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