An abundant amount of responsibility falls upon our local governments to keep our communities in good shape. We know it’s our local governments working behind the scenes to maintain parks, shelters, ball fields, local events and so much more. Maintaining community assets, such as beautiful parks, takes manpower and expensive tools to get the job done. And with all the vast services governments offer and the variety of departments and staff pitching in to keep things running, it can quickly become a complication to keep track of and manage.

E-Gov Link helps local governments get the most out of today’s technology by simplifying Asset Management. 

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Maybe you could use help streamlining a work order process, or remembering when a roof was replaced on one of the seven shelters you manage. Or perhaps you need a good system intact to be sure your vehicles or maintenance equipment is getting all the love, or preventative maintenance needed to avoid bigger problems. 

Here are some solutions E-Gov’s Asset Management can bring to your department.

Preventative Maintenance
Stay ahead of building and equipment repairs. E-Gov’s Asset Management enables you to stay updated on necessary routine maintenance, for example:

  • Lawn Mowers that need occasional preventative upkeep
  • Vehicles that need oil changes
  • Rental hall maintenance, for HVAC maintenance
  • Office Equipment, such as copiers
  • Bathrooms in Parks and Rec centers that need upkeep

Most equipment and property need daily, monthly, quarterly or sometimes just annual preventative maintenance. Our system helps keep the entire staff current on the status of all assets you manage. Plus, with NFC technology incorporated into our system, you can pull up the history and current status of your equipment with the tap of a phone or tablet.

Better Preparation enabling best plan of action when issues arise
As we all painfully know, maintenance issues are like a teenager’s eye rolls, they just keep coming. So, when a roof at one of the seven shelters you manage leaks, or when a lawn mower breaks down for what seems like the hundredth time, it’s hard to know what the best strategic move is to do, unless you have quick access to documented history on your equipment. With E-Gov’s  Asset Management you’ll be able to access critical information, instantly. For instance, you’ll know when the roof was replaced on the shelter that’s leaking, who did the work, and what the warranty covers. You’ll know how many times you repaired that particular lawn mower and if investing in a repair is worth the time and money, or if it’s time for a replacement.

Issue Work Orders/Service Calls
When a situation arises any member of your staff will be able to place a work order or service call from any location. For example, if a Park Shelter is having a plumbing issue you may get notified by a citizen, or a staff member may unexpectedly run into the issue while on location. Either way, the problem can be tackled immediately by any staff member, from any location. And the action can be documented so the entire staff knows what the plan of action is, when the issue has been resolved, and if it happens to be a recurring issue.

NFC Technology can take this system one step further
Let’s say you have a lawnmower that breaks down. If your equipment tagged with NFC chips you can use this technology to place a work order with the tap of a mobile phone or tablet that pinpoints what the issue is, which piece of equipment needs service, the location of the equipment and a full history of maintenance on that specific piece of equipment to help make the best decision for resolving the issue.  Instead of having to look up serial numbers and contact other staff members to piece together the information you need, you’ll have it all with the tap of your phone. And any staff member can gain access to this documented and universal information.

How NFC is improving Processes
E-Gov’s Asset Management
was able to significantly improve the maintenance process for one customer in tracking the life cycle of tools the client used daily. This client managed thousands of pieces of equipment that only had certification to be used a certain number of times before being replaced. The customer was using a “sharpie” method to manage the process.  

In other words, they relied upon staff marking the equipment with a sharpie after each use, which was cumbersome, left room for human error and was messy. We significantly improved this system by assigning an NFC chip to each piece, and with a simple scan each item could be tracked and documented throughout its’ lifecycle. Since the information was documented and available for reference, it proved to be helpful for inventory control, which brings us to another benefit E-Gov’s Asset Management provides.

Inventory Control
Another application NFC can significantly improve is inventory control. If you have tools and supplies that need to be monitored and occasionally re-ordered, E-Gov’s Asset Management can help streamline that process with NFC technology. NFC tags are inexpensive and can be applied to items in your inventory to provide instant access to information such as quantity, current condition, maintenance history
and lifecycle.  

E-Gov’s Asset Management can be customized to fit your needs. The addition of NFC technology offers promising improvements to asset management processes in terms of finding efficiencies for staff, improving service and communication and taking the headache out of finding documentation needed for informed decisions. We’re sure to uncover more applications for the technology and happy to work with you on customized solutions!


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